Memory Book

The Memory Book Project kicked off in January 2014 to help us to create a scrapbook of our memories and learn more about our family histories.

Memory Book Project

Memory Book Project

Since it started we’ve enjoyed learning about ourselves and each other. One of our group says:

“We have spent the last few weeks preparing to put together our Life Books. When we first met we did not know each other, but we have found out that we had loads of friends in common, we had been to the same places, the same school. Now we feel like really ‘old’ friends. It is amazing how the subjects we end up talking about provoke so many memories. It is a really good interesting afternoon, with tea, a chat with friendly people.”

We record memories of our lives and family history on paper, video and sound, making them available to our families and to the public.  This project is being carried out in collaboration with Burnham Health Promotion Trust. Burnham Grammar School and Burnham Park E-Act Academy.  We aim to include students from local secondary schools in the recording of the memories.

Memory Book is open to all and is accessible to those with disabilities.

Please feel free to join us on a Friday afternoon in the Methodist Church Hall or just pop in, have a cup of tea and see what we’re doing.

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